"Unofficial" Classic Trick Remix of The Month. June "The Zipper"

This month, let’s see your take on “The Zipper”! There are some cool possibilities for 0a with that trick, and we haven’t done a frontstyle trick.


Obviously, I don’t have the same online presence as @yomartyo. But, we’ll keep it here on YYE, and we could all help spread the word.

Here are the prizes!

I’ll do a random drawing for the Legend, Legend Wing, and Spinstar each.

Anyone who posts a trick here and has also posted in all 4 of the previous remixes, gets a chance at their choice of a Replay or Replay Pro! When you post your trick, include links to your entries in the previous four remix contests. Please link to your original posts here on YYE instead of linking to the trick again.

Upset that you didn’t know about this earlier and missed a chance at the Replay? No problem! Just post your tricks in the original threads, and link them here. Search “Remix” and they’ll all show up.

Small prizes, but more chances! @YoYoExpert @AndreBoulay, would you like to kick something in? It could even be string or some accessory. That would give five chances to win something!

Anyone new to this or wanting clarification, we’re basically following Nate’s rules:

We’ll keep the deadline at 11:59 eastern June 30th.


Yes! I would love to see a classic frontstyle trick remix.




Just do it and post them here in this thread.


I’ll see what i can come up with… i do love FS.
I’ll spread the word as well.


Okay. I was going to do a video and have an official start time, but yeah, let’s just do it!


Yes!!! I was hoping someone would do this. Thank you @Myk_Myk!

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We can just call it the trick remix of the month. It’s a great idea . I like just seeing everyone post their creative visions.


I love this idea!


I’m a poor substitute, so please let us know when you’re ready to retake the mantle! Plus, I may have shot my wad with this 4 yoyo giveaway! :rofl:

I do have some tops… :thinking:


Awesome idea!! Thank you so much for this!

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Wow thanks you probably picked the only classic front style trick I can’t do😅🥲thanks a lot


Exciting development: I have been contacted by a very generous member who will help supply awesome prizes going forward!

I’ve already got some ideas for next time. It won’t be required, but if you have them, dust off those tops. :wink:


We will 100% supply prizes too! I would love to keep this going and hats off to @yomartyo for starting the project all together! It’s been a super fun thing to watch and the exact kind of thing I would love to see more of!


Wow now I need to do 4 remixes :sweat_smile::man_facepalming:t5:

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I believe in you!

Thanks :sweat_smile:🥲

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No entries yet… Did I make a bad choice? We could change it to Buddha’s Revenge?

Here’s my idea “Over Zipper Falls”: https://www.instagram.com/p/CPuUAzkhVDK/

Ineligible, of course.


I’ve been playing with zipper but honestly haven’t come up with anything LOL I’m also horrible at front style .

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I have some ideas I’ve been working on with zipper just haven’t had time to work them together yet. Finishing up a vacation currently, but then I will have more time to flesh out my remix. Then again I always take awhile to post…keep it zipper though. We need to do a front style Remix.