Classic and new Diffusion question

How do you people feel the new YYR Diffusion stacks up to an unresponsive YYJ Classic.

I had a small argument with someone about it.

I own both and honestly feel that the Diffusion performs no better than the Classic, although the overall feel of the Diffusion feels more refined.

What are your thoughts?

Your opinion is the same as mine.

I also enjoy the Diffusion 2 more than the Classic because of its slightly floaty feel.

But they’re both on the same level of performance.

Yeah the Classic does seem more ‘floaty’ than the Diffusion. The only thing is that the Diffusion is quieter and has less vibe, both of which I don’t care about.

I didn’t sat this in my first post, but I think like the Classic better. The Diffusion is definitely very very good though.

Hey Someone, have you tried the Premiere? How does that stack up against the Classic?

I owned one for about a week and then got rid of it. It’s much cheaper feeling than the Classic, believe it or not, and is much lighter feeling since it doesn’t nearly have enough rim weight to make it as stable as the Classic.

Not a bad yoyo though–it was enjoyable to play.

Second gen Diffusion is like, the best plastic 1a yoyo bar none, stable and solid as a bimetal, kinda regret selling mine. I don’t think I would like this new third gen they are releasing now which they increased the diameter “to the limit of playability”, or so I read.

for this range of specs i like the play of the Whitehole best but its up to you whether youd use a yoyo 10x harder to tune smooth than your worst od gradient