Clash of the Titaniums - A High Speed Yo Yo Exclusive

Clash of the Titaniums - A High Speed YoYo Exclusive

High Speed YoYo has been given a unique opportunity to review four of top titanium yo-yos in the industry. So we present to you the reviews of the BSP, Catch 22, Oxy Ti, and Sovereign. Later on we will be adding the Tiraid and TiPhiter. Each review is independent, so do not feel like you have to read them all at once.


I am always one for adding new companies to my portfolio of people I use and was intrigued when I got the chance to try the BSP from Anti-Yo. While this is far from my first titanium, it is my first yo-yo from this much-touted company. I have heard many good and bad things about Anti-Yo while surfing the various forums, some love the company and an equal amount cannot stand them. The company has also become the butt of many jokes due to its oft-delayed yo-yo, the YWET. After reading up on the company I am ready to put side the opinions of others and judge them on this offering. Lets see how well the BSP performs as a yo-yo and as an ambassador for the company to a new recruit.

The Catch 22

The Catch 22, this is THE yo-yo people think of when you start talking about titanium yo-yos. It has that combination of high price tag, sensationalized packaging, and community hype going for it. I will admit this right up front; I did not want to like this yo-yo. I thought it was cheating to call it a titanium yo-yo; all they did was graft titanium weight rims on to an aluminum frame. That coupled with the fact that I have yet to find a metal YYF yo-yo that I really liked made me apprehensive when going into this review. I did not want to unduly paint a negative picture of this yo-yo just because I am not a fan of the brand. In the end, I decided to put aside my preconceived notions and just review the yo-yo on its merits and I am so glad I did. What I ended up finding was that while the Catch 22 has it’s flaws, it is a delight to play and I am glad that I have been given the experience.

The Oxy Ti

This is going to be a different type of review. A friend of mine told me that it is kind of pointless to review the Oxy Ti. The reason being, if a person is going to spend around $500 on an all titanium yo-yo, they are not going to care what I say about it. While there is sound logic in that line of thought, I think there are people out there who want to know about the Oxy Ti. These are the same people who like to read specs just for the fun of it. This review is for them. I am going to take a look at the Oxy Ti and see if titanium really makes that big of a difference. I see people on the forums constantly stating that if they could have any yo-yo it would be a titanium version of their current favorite. Now is the time to see if this all titanium yo-yo is the one to rule them all.

The Sovereign

Affordable, high quality, metal yo-yos for everyone. That has been the driving force behind One Drop Yo-Yos for quite some time. Their Project and Project 2 lines sold well under the $99 mark when they were brought out. The M1 (Metal for Everyone) debuted at a $60 price tag. Because of this, the M1 has been THE choice for first time metal users. Today marks a new first for the yo-yoing community; One Drop is introducing an affordable, titanium yo-yo for the masses. When talking to Shawn Nelson, the machinist for One Drop, here is what he had to say about the company’s intentions for the Sovereign:

“I guess it would help to understand what the Sovereign is trying to be. The most playable Titanium yoyo we can make. That means affordability, availability, and most of all playability. Most Ti yoyos I’ve seen are novelties or rarities but not many are true players. Usually because of the weight, some because of the rudimentary design/machining. There are exceptions of course. We want the Sovereign to be a real performer not just a Ti novelty.”

Lets see if the Sovereign meets these lofty goals and becomes Titanium for Everyone.

One little disclaimer, this is a prototype. While it is extremely close to being the final product there are some tweaks planned for the final run.

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