Cinnamon Challenge

I heard about this so I looked it up. I saw so many hilarious videos of people trying to do it. Has anyone here done it?

My bro and his friend did it and he spewed a dry cloud of cinnamon all over the carpet.

I did it. No water no spitting I literally ate the whole spoonful. Trust me its not fun and bow I can’t eat any thing cinnamony any more. Also it hurts quite a bit when it comes out if you know what I mean…

if anyone is about to try this do not do it it my kill you or cause lung problems

Kids, don’t try this at home. (or anywhere else).

I did it a work…
Does that count?

Lemming. ???

If anyone knows hunter birt he just did it and succeeded without a problem

To me it’s just another stupid fad.

Now a Nutmeg challenge…that would be something.

I did it with minimal loss. I held my breath before hand and slowly salivated my mouth, and then swallowed little by little.
By minimal loss, I mean the stuff that flew off the spoon at held the load.

But I seriously will never do it again. It taste awful.

Uh…please don’t eat a bunch of nutmeg…or cinnamon…how are these things fads again? I don’t understand how this is fun for anyone…

There are so many better tasting challenges out there.
2 Subway Footlongs Challenge
2 Bananas and 2 cans of Sprite Challenge
The Dollar Menu Challenge


I’m gonna go do the Subway challenge…right now… I’m starving…

Hmmm… Nutmeg challenge, now that could be interesting…

LMAO! Those are awesome challenges!

ok so the cinnamon challenge takes up all the sylivia from your lungs and drys them out and you might die

Whatever happend to the salted cracker challenge? Where you had to eat 10 salted crackers in a minute or less?

But if suicice’d you’re way to go (just a joke), then try the Nanami (Or Namani or something. I can never remember the exact name) challenge.
That was just a joke. Never do that. No really. Never. It’s a mix of chilli’s on one tiny bottle of powder.
It IS the definition of spice. Cinnimon? Pffft.

Mod Edit:Totally tasteless and ignorant post removed.

The cinnamon challenge isn’t about spicyness its about not suffacating.

`'Bout killed my youth pastor.

He got it up his noes and puked and was coughing and blowing his noes the rest of the night.

Try at your own risk.`