Christmas Themed Throws?

I <3 Christmas…Might be fun to collect some christmas themed yos.
Wondering if you guys can share any yos you might know of that are Christmas themed.

I only know of a few.

MagicYoYo N12 Shark

YoYoJam X-Con Pro and Lyn Furry
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These 2 YoYoJams (anyone know the names of these?)

Whatever this cool looking thing is

YoYoFactory’s Winter Collection

General-Yo Mini-Star 2

What else am I missing guys?


Also, I don’t know how to make the pictures line up to look all purty! Is there a way?

Ugh, green and red. The YYF Winter Collection is super classy though, hats off to @yyfben2 et al. Love that one.


haha not a fan?
lol you’d love my apartment then! :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve still got a bunch of Christmas decorations…including my tree…up from last year. Hell, even my couch is red lol. :smiley:


That snowflake legend wing is legit. Love the way the rubber like coating makes the it play/feel!


Plus the rubber like coating should make the green spray paint adhere better!


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I actually have a N12 Merry Christmas hahaha.

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me too haha…it’s honestly one of my favorite looking throws :stuck_out_tongue:

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Mine(well…I’d say it is owned by my brother since he uses it haha) has some defects on the ano(spots where there is not ano) and flaws. Some vibe too. I think if they were made with a bit more of quality I’d buy a second one for myself haha

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That sucks :frowning: I was lucky with the one I got in that it looks and plays great.
At least it gives your brother something fun to play around with though!

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This is a YoyoJam Prelude.


Russell did winter themed yoyos from 1983-1996!

highly collectible


You’re missing a green/red Ko’Edge half-swap.


We teamed up with OneDrop and General-Yo and released a christmas trifecta in 2009.

OneDrop Project 2
General Yo Hatrick
ILYY Falcon

All of them were red/green themed and sold at OneDrop.