Christmas gifts

What did everybody get for christmas? I got a torque, 2 hornets an antipode and two movies(christmas vacation and three amigos) I also get to go to my churches winter camp.

mystery box, an mp3 player, and a box is coming from yyf.

Collectable toys, a nose trimmer, two free movie tickets, and a John Denver CD.

Sheepskin slippers
Snow pants
Snow boots
Hexbug original
Snowball maker
Beanie baby bear
Foot warmers
Hand warmers
Yomega pro model kendama
Spark project for Xbox one
And dats it I got mostly stuff I needed so I’m happy.

However for Hanukkah that just passed my grandparents bought our family an Xbox one.

Nike soccer ball.
A ton of. Books on molecules
Simon says game.

Blue blaster shutter, Marionberry T1.

Red/Clear/Yellow Acid Wash Krown.

A diabolo, some toy similar to a kendama except with no spike and only one cup (not a pill, I think it’s called a ball catcher), a bunch of gum, pez candy, and a christmas light ropy thingy.

iMagnet (dash mount for phone)
neck massager
Bluetooth ear buds
chess pieces (beautiful wood, and not for blitz)

oohhh im jelous of you now! you got awesome chess pieces i didn’t even get a chess board!!!

What’s the matter with just using your hands???

You mean TOUCH the SNOW???
What are you thinking!!!

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New Windshield wipers (I really needed these!)
Target gift card
Starbucks gift card
Sennheiser headphones!

With the Christmas money my sister gave me, I went out to the store and bought a Shutter. Oh my God, I thought upgrading from a OneStar to a unresponsive DV888 was as good as it gets. The Shutter destroys my DV888 as much as the DV888 destroys my OneStar. WOW!

it only gets better wait till you go from a shutter to a 2014 genesis.

Nothing beats the feeling for going from a throw monkey to a wooly marmot.

Which model?

a trip in krakow ! and montana hardocre 2 spraypaints

pair of raiders and I’m gonna get mod spacers

Lots of shirts, a jacket, money, and hopefully I might be able to convince my parents to actually get me something yoyo related this year/2015 since its my last Christmas till I go to college next year