Best Holiday Present

What was your favorite you’ve recieved on Christmas/Chanukah? <— Did I spell it right? :smiley:

Mine is when I was 8 years old and Santa got me a Lego Mindstorm. I played with it for years! Best gift I’ve gotten so far.

What’s yours?

You misspelled it, but many people do.

We celebrated both Christmas and Chanukah when I was a kid and my best present always was the Cap Gun and Caps I received each year.

my best Christmas was last year when i got my 2012 genesis in the mystery box.

or you can leave the c out hanukah. my best present I have gotten was One year from my grandparents ( they are jewish) the got me a buffet E11 clarinet!

That is a really nice instrument!

I know it was a fantastic gift!

my brother had an e11 but he left it on the porch one day and we never saw it again…

your brother needs to take more care of his instrument it’s not supposed to be left outside especially when the weather is cold or too hot otherwise the wood will crack!