Christmas 2013

What yoyo’s did you get for Christmas this year? I got A Yoyofactory Super G with silver splash over yellow and green acid wash. I also got a Yoyofactory Shutter Black splash with aqua.

What did you get for Christmas??? :wink:

As far as I know (Opening presents in like 45mins)
Yoyofactory Aviator
Ten Yoyo Drop Bear
and YoyoJam something (don’t know what it is, it came in the cyber monday sale with the drop bear)

Huh? I just woke up, I’m hoping for a out jff.

Dollar tree yo-yo’s as far as anything yo-yo wise.

Nothing yoyo related :stuck_out_tongue:

A Nikon DSLR :wink: thats yoyo related right?


What model??

Confetti summit
Clear rally
Lego SE’s
Monkeyfinger Rhino tool
I made out like a bandit! :wink:

Shutter and Shutter Shirt. Also a Nexus 7!

A red with blue rally, twisted trifecta bearing, and Type x YYSL string in Roasted peppers and blue lagoon. Will post a pic in the exhibition forum shortly…

Some new headphones and a diabolo

Fire blizzard Arctic Circle 2!!!

Wait, what? I thought those weren’t out till the 30th?

A lump of coal
And no yoyos :,( lol

Debating whether to get someones mint throw, or some RAM

I got a matsuri puffin a micro mo and a yyj eneme I also got some beats and a dollar tree throw and some cheap loopers :stuck_out_tongue: pretty good Christmas!!

Update: my mom just surprised me brought out 4 yoyos from Italy haha she has no idea what they are but they were from ukyoyostore (or something like that??) and were expensive they play freaking amazing!!!

They aren’t <3

Well, I got the SuperNova deal. The Supernova is amazing, but the Severe is amazinger.

No yoyos, but I just opened a red Yomega Kendama Pro!

I got an Orange Echo along with several other cool NYYR items.