Chopsticks help

I’ve been throwing for about 5 months but 2 of those I was learning how to throw and bind correctly because honestly I was horrible at it. Fortunately I have a decent throw now and have been learning pretty fast.
I can do kwijibo almost 9 out of 10 times, spirit bomb 4 out of 10 and I can also do kamikaze. I know those aren’t hard tricks for you guys but I feel like it took me a while to learn those but I’m happy with them and am wanting to further my learning since I’ve found the magic of the YYE forums :slight_smile:

I can get into chopsticks from trapeze not so much with a Niger throw but pretty consecutively with my dv888 and puffin. Any suggestions on tricks I could learn to tone my chopsticks skills? Easier beginner chopstick tricks possibly? I went on YouTube and saw a Paul Dang chopsticks video and the commentary was hilarious he’s a funny guy! Of course way out of my level but will learn the trick in that tutorial once I get better :wink: not the type to give up.

The first two months of me throwing were so slow and since I didn’t know a single person up untill like a few months ago I had almost gave it up cause I only had the yyf one which is a lousy throw IMO even if you do have a good breakaway.

Anyways sorry I rambled on any help on beginner chopsticks tricks would be appreciate

I hope to make my first video soon :slight_smile:

I learned a lot of chopstick elements from this. It might be useful to you.