This is my first chopsticks trick/ you should try it if also new to chopstix!

not my video

So I had been practicing getting into the chopstix mount and after a couple hours I was pretty consistent and after 3 tries I landed this tutorial. As a thanks to Jason Lee who made the tutorial I’m posting this video up so others who might just be learning chopsticks can also learn this reaper trick :slight_smile: it’s easy flows great and builds confidence to learn another trick. Everyone view the video it’s only a minute! Plus it’s fun :slight_smile:


Woohoo! ;D I love chopsticks. Pretty simple, but good to practice as well. I’ll have to get better at landing on only the front string as well.

Wow man, nice clip. I’m gonna learn that one next! Looks way fun and simple enough. I love how he made the vid, it’s quite easy to follow and very helpful.

Currently having some problems with rejection, any tips?

Awesome. I’ve been looking for basic chopsticks tricks to practice that mount. Thanks for posting!

Hey, this is my video! Glad you like it, it’s still one of my favorite chopsticks tricks  :slight_smile:

Loooks great! Thanks :))

Chopsticks to double or nothing is another good one to learn too. :smiley:

I feel stupid because I never thought of doing the repeater like this. I always do the first part and then hop it over my NTH thumb then hop it back into a trapeze.