looking for Chopstiks :P


Hi! anyone can suggest me some difficult and cool Chopsticks trick?
Thaaanks! ;D


this one looks pretty cool!


Not really.

Although, you can learn the mount and Chopstick to Double or Nothing at yotricks.com. :slight_smile:


I think this meets your criteria.


Not really?

They’re everywhere!

(Alex Fairhurst) #6

Break this down. I want to say this video single-handedly revolutionized chopsticks:

(SlimJoe) #7


Jason lee an guy wright do some pretty insane chopsticks stuff


I love this trick. Albeit, I just can’t seem to land the GT @ the end. So sad. I wish there were a slow mo version of this tut.I’d love to put the end of “Hash Browns” to bed.


Thankyou all! now i’ve lot of stuff to learn :smiley:

I already know how to do hashbrowns but i don’t know how to show you how do it :-\ …try to stop-play-stop-play the video in the section you can’t do :slight_smile: (i’ve learned it a lot of time ago from exactrly that video :smiley: )