New chopsticks trick ... One Throw - Asian Evasion


Made a new trick to get into chopsticks a bit. I think the trick came out pretty good :slight_smile:


I can make a tutorial as well if anyone’s interested :slight_smile:


Whoa dude nice, those were some really clean tricks and very innovative. Very AWESOME


Thanks! :slight_smile:


Dude. Those are some really amazing tricks. :o


Well, guess I gotta up my chopsticks game


Tutorial please !


that is a good combo, I didn’t see any mistakes


Thanks guys! It really does mean a lot :slight_smile:

@Leftylink I’ll top whatever ya throw at me! :wink:

@Raigo I’ll make the tut soon! ;D

@theguitarplayer I did pretty good for only 2 takes :smiley: but right now I’m just trying to speed it up and get it more consistent until I’m actually comfortable with pulling off the trick without worrying about screwing up.


Sounds an awful lot like a challenge


I like it a lot, thanks for sharing! I’ll have to learn some of those elements when you post the tutorial; I gotta say, that’s pretty generous of you. Sounds like a lot of work to put together.


You’re getting very good, Andy!


Haven’t seen much of you lately. Glad to see something from you.


Eh, not really, I’m just going to do the old fashioned classic style of tutorial like YYE’s. So it shouldn’t take long.


I was planning to learn the combo and then do it smoother than you, but thats no fun. I just made my own chopsticks stuff now i have to smooth it out and film it.


Auggh… I’m trying to figure this trick out by myself but I’m stuck on the part right after the third trapeze.I don’t quite get what strings you’re landing on.


When u get to the third trapeze there should be string wrapped around your throw hand thumb :slight_smile:


Yeah I figured it out for the most part. I made a “remix” of it.




One more buuuump. Tutorial comin up this weekend!


Very cool! New motivation to finally learn a chopsticks trick of some sort. :wink: