Chopsticks tricks


Are there any easy chopsticks tricks that I should know?


They’re much more off an element then a trick, you’ll find them in longer combos. I can’t think of any specific easy chopstick trick, but there’s a gentry tutorial called bass jump which looks pretty cool. A lot of my tricks end up with chopstick elements, if you start making your own stuff I think you’ll find them a useful um, utensil😀


Mrmatio has these two awesome chopsticks tutorials.

These two are great starting points for chopsticks imo. Keep in mind the second one may take you quite awhile to get smooth and consistent, because it sure did for me.

Good luck!


Mr Matio has great tricks in general! :slight_smile:


I cannot remember the trick name, nor the originator, but there is an easy one that mixes chopstick with underchop. Mount into a chop pop yoyo over pointer (keep thumb in), mount chop again on underside, flip yoyo up from underneath to land in trapeze (keep pointer in, but release thumb when counter clock roll/flip.)

This can be done from trap and double or nothing. Triple or nothing is too tight too pull it off for me…

If someone could please give this trick the proper name, that would be great. I think it starts with an “r” like rainbow or something…



meh don’t know how to put up a youtube vid lol
*edit, easier than I thought :o