Chopsticks combo


I tried to invent something here. Dunno but its pretty cool.


Really the only “true” chopsticky stuff is at the end, as traditionally it lands in between thumb and pointer. Great combo nonetheless. (yes, i know you used your thumb to pick up a string, but that’s different.)


Hey thanks! I couldn’t really think of what to call it. But yeah the chopsticks is really only at the end.

(M.DeV1) #4

i see an essence of Augie Fash in this trick.


Yep. You should explore the move, at 0:09 to 0:10 you should try hopping the yoyo onto the chopstick mount and see what you can do from there. :slight_smile: But generally try to get the yoyo in chopsticks while you are in the trick you are doing.


Yeah i have been working on that for a couple days. It can be a repeater, which is pretty cool.