Thumb Mounts!

Help me and suggest as many thumb mount/chopstick tricks as you guys can. I don’t know very many and i can’t seem to find any other than the mount itself.
Recommend me tricks!

I actually have the same exact problem as you. This is really the only tutorial that I have found for a chopsticks trick. Even though it is not that long, it looks pretty neat if done smoothly. Tutorial itself starts at 0:43, just to save you some time.


I don’t think my brain can handle the number of topics asking for chopstick tricks

I’m working on one right now, I’ll make a tutorial for it after “Yo-yos are stupid and I hate them combo” by Jensen Kimmitt for Throwseph

There’s an awesome chopstick trick called Formicary by Tsukasa Takatsu. I’m on my phone so I can’t put link,but it’s a TYYT on Saint Petersburg yoyo School’s channel.

K, I finished it, it’s a fun trick and probably my favorite out of all my tricks