I like chopsticks tricks but dont really know where to go with it… anyone have any tutorials or video links to elements?

there is a website called " sector y " and then there is a trick tutorial by aguie fash called domino, and if done smoothly, it looks great

I think the first chopstick trick I learned was called Hashbrowns. Great trick to start with because it can be broken into parts very nicely. When all those elements are added together it is pretty sweet.

Link to tut? I couldn’t find it.

I just made up my first chopsticks trick. Also, there are more chopsticks mounts than just the thumb mount, right?

I’m currently working on a chopstick trick known as “Bunny.” Really clever actually. You basically do a chopstick maneuver while your throw hand forms the body. Somehow you loop the body onto the yoyo, pull a string through and you’ve got a complete bunny with a head (the yoyo), ears (the chopsticks), and a body with movable legs and a tail!

Yup! Drew Tetz has some good tutorials for some of the other chopsticks mounts.

In addition to these there is also the under chopsticks mount.

Jason Lee made chopsticks what it is today. This video is amazing is you’re wanting to learn some new stuff. it’s kinda old school, but it’s a great start:

do this, but start it in a chopsticks mount.  the first half still works, and then i usually pop the yoyo onto the back string and go into an eiffel tower