By request - Asian Evasion Trick Tutorial!


Few people wanted me to make a tut for this trick so here it is!


Another great tutorial!

YESSSSS! I need a new techy awesome trick to learn!

Who made up the trick?


I did  ;D It was the first trick I made after getting out of my yoyo block about a month ago. And I’ve made quite a few other sick tricks since then too  :slight_smile:,74837.0.html Did you miss that whole thread?  :smiley:

Got some good feedback and someone wanted me to make a tut so here it is.

I hope you have a little experience with chopsticks tricks already cuz I made this trick with chopsticks elements in mind since I haven’t been doing much of those types of tricks  :slight_smile:


Cool trick! Adding it to my list of “tricks I want to learn once I’m a little bit better” :wink:


You made this trick?! GENIUS! Haha.

And yeah it’ll definitely be a challenge. But, hey! Now is a better time than ever to start learning chopsticks. Now is one of those times I regret trading my Dietz :).