hey guys(again)

i dont know now, ssomeone told me to look at the plastic grind machine and it looks really cool and its cheaper than the xvict.

i could just get that and some accessories or stick with the xvict black but is the plastic grind machine a good yoyo?

does it play well because it doesnt have any metal rims?

but it still looks cool!!!

i might get that in blue or wait for green but what colour of string on the blue??

please reply on what one you think is better and in your preference and opinion what one i should get.

i have never purchased any yyf product but i would probably get that with some extras if i get the pgm,

thanks and please reply asap.

oh and what colour of pgm and what accessoreis are needed to make it better?

The PGM is great!

However, if I share my preferences, you might think that’s what you will like, so I won’t

I reccomend it for sure.

Yes - The PGM is a great yoyo. In my opinion, it outpreforms the X-Convict.

No accessories are needed. Just grab some K-Pads just in case.

it is one of the best plastics (in my opinion)
i think that it is better than the vict.
if i were you i would go with the pgm kpads, and string.
but that is just my opinion.