Choosing a yoyo(don't have much time)

I want to buy a yoyo soon so I have a wide choice. I’ve sorted out some models and these are what I’m choosing of:ILYY Sakura CLYW Avalanche OneDrop 54.I know that all of them are smooth.I like medium-big sized 65-69gramms fast played yoyos. I like superstar really much.Looking for your opinion

Plese write a reply soon cuz thes yoyos are sold very quickly

Pick the one you think looks coolest.

Get the 54 so you can play around with the side effects, otherwise just pick one and go with it.

This yoyo wasn’t on your list, but may I suggest the DM2. It’s alittle pricy, but it is great at grinds, great at sleeptimes, and a great yoyo overall. If you are interested, there is a link in my signature…
you can get one there. :wink: