Chinese metals (Magic, Aoda) VS entry level name brand metals (dv888)

I am thinking about getting a new metal throw and was wondering what everyone’s opinion is regarding the play, spin, vibe, and stability of the cheap chinese knockoff yoyos in comparison to “entry level” metals. Specifically, I am looking at the Aoda “Follow Wind” and Magic T5,N6, N9 compared to the DV888.

Some are knock-offs, some are originals, some are copied by bigger brands.

I like my Aoda’s. I have a Miracle, which isn’t on your list, but I also played a YYF Superwide, and I actually liked the Miracle better. I also have a Magic Pear Ball, which I really enjoy and plays great. I also have a Littles, which is like a shrunken down big yoyo, so you get that micro-size without the mega grief, making it much more playable than the YYF Mighty Flea, at least until your skills improve. Looking at the Follow Wind, it has a shape that seems familiar, reminds me of a metal Protostar/Northstar shape. I might consider getting one.

I have the Magic YoYo T5, N9 and a few others. I’ll limit it to the T5 as I really like that one a lot. Smooth, fun, spins a good long time. I’m really enjoying this.

OK, since you brought in the dv888 into the mix; the dv888 is a great yoyo. It’s not one of my favorites, but its a good, solid metal that is well worth the price paid for it. It just doesn’t stand out as “amazing” or “fantastic”, but it’s a great player.

I can’t do an “apples to apples” comparison between say the T5 and the dv888. I like the T5 over the dv888, but that’s my preferences. I like the more V-type shapes. But, maybe I’ll just take a few days and re-discover my dv888. But the shapes are completely different. They perform differently, they play differently. Regarding smoothness, I’m actually pleasantly pleased with how smooth my T5 is, while my dv888 is very smooth as I would expect from YYF.

Just be warned that Aoda is a brand we’re not allowed to talk about here. Don’t be shocked if this thread gets yanked into the Deleted Threads bin. I am seeing domestic companies carrying the Magic yoyo brand, so apparently they are completely legit.

Yes, Magic yoyos are legit. I have two n5s and a n9. I like the n9 more. Sorry I don’t have those particular ones, but Magic yoyos are worth the money.

IMO the T5, N5 or N9 will take you much further than the DV888. But you going to need to upgrade the bearing I guess, as far as I know, they come with non stainless steel ball bearing.

As for aoda… Just don’t… on this forum…

Alright, not another word on the 'brand that must not be named". I like the t5 and the n9. Can the plastic stack cap thingys be taken off of the n9?

Yes. The Z-type stack can be removed. You just need to get underneath it with a string or something and then pull it up and you’re good. This is the same for any other yoyo that uses this type of stuff.

May I ask why Aoda is not allowed? I got my T5 and T6 in the mail today and dang they are both amazing.

Aoda isn’t allowed due to a lack of clarity regarding “who is stealing from who” issues.

Aoda also makes their own original designs, which others have copied, including those who cried Aoda was doing the copying.

Yeah, the T5 is pretty good. I’m gonna silicone my Magics Monday as I don’t care for the response in my T5. But other than that, I really like the performance of my T5 and T6. The N9 is really nice too. I also have the T9 and T10. I’m planning to complete my collection of current shipping Magics after BAC. The new N10 looks pretty nice too.

I see. I personally love the response in my T5 and T6, the binds are ultra amazing. I personally want an N8, it looks sick.

I have a Magic Yoyo T5 (and a few other T series, some N’s on the way) - but I really do like my T5. I re-siliconed with monkey snot and dropped a 10ball in it - it was good before - now it flies!

Quick question, the axle does wobble a little - what’s the best way to take care is that? Plumbers tape?