CHIK! Spin Time issue


I have an OD 10ball in my CHIK!, but it is only getting about 1:30 spin time. I tried the same bearing in my Shutter and it got 3:40 spin time. Could this be a bearing seat issue in my CHIK!?


When would you ever need more than a minute of spin?


Nah just learn how the different weight placement of the chik works. I doubt if the bearing seat has anything to do with it. If it’s actually messed up contact the place you bought it from or one drop.


How are you doing the spin test?


The spin test was with the yoyo at the end of the string with a standard sleeper. I made sure the throws were about the same strength and that the string was perfectly centered.


The chik looks like it is not as rim-weighted as the shutter, which would definitely affect the spin time (the further the weight is from the center, the more momentum the yoyo has). That could explain the difference.