Bearing Problems


After a day without yoyoing, my bearing spin time decreased.
I dont know why this is happening. Like a few days ago i had a long flick spin. Now my bearing can barely spin for a second. Can someone help me please?


a day?wow,thats pretty unusual,where did you leave it for that day?


i was siliconing the yoyo so i had to let it dry for a day


then you probably got silicone either on the bearing or the bearing seat,if you did,try to schrach it off with a needle or whatever you think will work


i scratched off all the extra silicone in the bearing seat and i opened the bearing and got out all of the silicone that got in and the spin time is still very bad


Well, if you got silicone in the bearing, it can still be affected, even if you cleaned it out. I suggest cleaning the bearing.


well i’ll try cleaning it then


it should work,good luck!