Chief vs. Burnside


With the coming of the holiday season (and a hefty paycheck) I may be looking into a new top of the line yoyo. I’ve heard really good things about the CLYW Chief and the OneDrop Burnside. What do you guys think is the better yoyo here?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Chief if you can


yep the cheif is better imo but it is very hard to get good luck


Alright, thanks! Hopefully I can snag one during the next release.


the CLYW Chief is an absolute perfection. It got literally no flaw


Get the chief


I haven’t played the burnside but I have a Chief. There is nothing bad about it. It is dead smooth, extremely stable, has long spin times, and grinds great. It is honestly the best yoyo I have ever used.


Just to be different, the burnside is perfection. So is the chief though. You really can’t go by what other people say because you don’t play like them. You don’t necessarily like what they like. Personally I want to know how many of you have played both. If you haven’t then you can only say that you like the chief. Can’t say its better.

(Bína) #9

I owned chief for some time and got burnside yesterday. I would go for burnside, it is slightly more stable, faster and has longer spin time.

(Big Mike) #10

I’ve used both (but only briefly) and I’d pick the Chief for sure.


I saw somebodys BST had one


I think that the burnide has a better shape but you have to get the shape you like more.