Check this guy out!

ok how is it that ive never seen this guy in my life and the fact that he has only 202 subs bewilders me, he should have at least 1,500


Ran into this one about a month ago and subbed, from what I could tell his videos only went back three or four months so it seems fairly new but I’ve noticed him here on the forums too.


Yeah found him two weeks ago and I was shocked. Must’ve been buried in YouTubes stupid algorithm


Who is this guy?
As far as I can tell, he’s just a guy with a yoyo!

I like him!


Simply horrible and a waste of time!

First of all the presentation was much too well organized. Secondly the guy didn’t say ah and uh and um every five seconds so it makes it too easy to understand what he saying which can be a burden if are used to struggling with people that spend half of their oratory using filler words that just make your Brain scrambled.

Next problem I have is the lighting. The lighting is excellent. No shadows to find interesting. And then the sound. What’s the deal with the sound? Why does it sound so professionally done? Who is this guy anyway? Are those enough questions in a row??

And then another problem. Where is the adventure where is the excitement of finding Waldo hidden between all the empty pizza boxes??? Where is the broken bicycle? Where is the cat litter box that hasn’t been cleaned in three weeks? I don’t see any use socks I don’t see any soiled clothes thrown in the corner I don’t see an unmade bed I don’t see any broken lamps or lightbulbs or holes in the wall???

The content is straightforward. The explanations seem extremely clear, reasonable and believable. The guy obviously does his research.

The problem I have is I honestly miss the struggle I’m so used to going through figuring out what other people with less professional presentations are trying to tell me? I actually find those more challenging because when I do figure out what the hell they’re doing I feel like I won video game. Watching this guys presentations just makes me feel like im in a professional setting absorbing something from somebody that knows exactly what they’re doing and how to do it and I actually find it kind of boring. I miss all the low grade factors that make me feel connected to the speaker on a sort of caveman level. I’m just not used to professional presentations that makes sense and have clarity. I find the guy extremely informative and boring.

Never trust a guy with clean fingernails.


I loved it for the polar opposite of every word you said😂.
And clean finger nails, we can trade.
You dirty boys who don’t tidy your room and keep your yoyos in s pile in a drawer, we can’t trade :joy::joy::joy::face_with_monocle:


Well then…
Ya’ll can trust me 100%!


Go wash your hands, you dirty Berti :rofl:


lol your username is so on point for this conversation! :rofl:


All of you guys are amazing and I love this thread :heart: YoYoDoc is 100% right about the fingernails hahaha. Just a guy with a yoyo looking to make quality content!


Amazing channel review ! :joy: :rofl:


Very cool. Will sub :heart_eyes:


Meh… It’s alright :wink:


dude you must be some what new, ive been gone for 3 months and just got back, keep up the great


I am fairly new to the YouTube thing, got back into throwing this year after taking a long break. Started in 2006 and figured I would start making the type of content I like to see (detailed comparisons).

Really glad you guys have enjoyed it so far, it means a TON to me!


bro ive got a lot of respect for you putting in so much work for you videos, mine are crap lol :joy: