Check out the size of Yoyoexpert ;)

Hey guys, check out this site I found. It shows the size of Yoyoyexpert if it were a country  ;D
Pretty awesome huh? Comment with your oppinion :stuck_out_tongue:

Anguilla is tiny, tiny, tiny. I’m not surprised where we stand population-wise.

And if facebook were a country, it would be larger than the united states, but smaller than india…


One must keep in mind that as far as forums go, this one is rather small. We cater to a very small demographic, English speaking yo-yoers. It is also worth noting that your visual combines all the visitors to every YoYoExpert subdomain, forum, learn, and shop.

Bigger then YYN apparently o-o

What you guys are saying is true. But still I think its better to have a few thousand than a few hundred. Look on the bright side, also I was the one to update the rating and it went from 14k to its current state in half a year ;D not bad IMO…