cheapest metal

read the title

Pocket pros zombie.

were do you get it

Toys R Us I think

If you’re looking for something cheap, why get a metal? They are no better than plastics.

Maybe he needs a metal to beat, idk. Cheapest good quality metal may be a better question tyhough.

Tell me why plastics can’t be used for the exact same purpose here and I’ll walk away.

you can arm grind as well im a lover as delrin but i want a cheap metal

I heard that if you clean the bearing and rtv it, Zombies play pretty nice, and at $20 it really isn’t worth passing up considering you ARE in the market for a cheap metal.

you can get mavericks for around 20 if you shop around.

Mavericks are amazing once they are broken in, AH-MAY-ZING! Good point.

Wanna good cheap metal yoyo. Number 9.

             keep your yoyo spinning


if you want to wait i heard the drifter is gonna be around 15. i may be extremelly wrong

A good quality, cheap metal.

If you also want to try out a new shape, try the Double-Take Industries BASSBoost.

And the Drifter is a plastic.

oh really?. lol my bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

they have the metal drifter i have one

how much was it and where did u get it?

there is a metal version of the drfter i tried it out and it is 20$

cheap metals aint no better then plastics on grinds… high end metals are.