Cheap plastics

Hey guys im looking for any plastics like a velocity or Psg or starbrite

Got for it. I would avoid the Velocity, I’m not a big fan of the adjustable “dial-a-gap” yoyos.

PSG and Starbrite are nice. Starbrite is a bit too light. Also consider the Asteroid as well.

Dont forget to check out the shinwoo stuff too.
Techno and phantom are great yoyos.

I just got a plastic Grind Machine (my first order from YYE) and I love it - I got the stacked version because I like the hubs on my 888, but I’m sure the stackless version plays just as well and is only $12.

I would recommend the Asteroid and the PSG.

I like the Die-Nasty, too, personally.


Lyn Fury all the way.