Cheap, Heavy, long spinning unresponsive yoyos

Im starting out my yoyo hobby and im enjoying it. Im looking for a heavy (around 64-67 grams) monometal yoyo with a long sleep time that wont cost me more than $60. Any recommendations?


Wouldn’t call those heavy and what style of yoyoing do you prefer? What yo-yos do you currently have? Why do you want another one? Etc

You want a Magic YoYo.
PriceFrom $13.99 (CHEAP)
N12-Shark Honor
Diameter (mm) 55
Width (mm) 44
Gap Width (mm) 4.62
Weight (g) 67.58 (HEAVY)
Body 6061 Aluminum

It lives up to the hype, mine is rather flawless

Profile form MYY


I have a Uppercut, I prefer side style 2A, I want a new one for longer spin time bc the uppercut only spins like 20 seconds brand new.

Thanks ill definitly check it out.

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Have a look at the Topyo - Noema, seems to match your description or the Unprld - Recognition as monometal

Just know a new yoyo isnt going to change that you need to practice and get better, and what do you mean by side style 2a??? 2a is two responsive yoyos doing wraps and loops.

this is due to technique, the more you practice the longer yo-yos will spin due to your development of plane control


I have perfectly flat and stable throws. I have really good coordination so it was easy to pick up.

I know that much. 1A is what the Uppercut is listed as. I like sidestyle string tricks. My terminology may be off im sorta new. :sweat_smile: what i mean by sidestyle is trapeze kind of stuff.

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if it’s flat and stable then it’s probably not powerful enough. make sure you’re throwing very hard. maybe a video would help us help you not have to spend the money on a new yoyo. a solid throw of mine with the uppercut would be around a minute.

I could probably do that Friday. I’m throwing pretty hard.

The Duncan Barracuda is a very nice 67gr mono yo-yo that plays very fast despite the weight and fits nicely in your budget. I agree that the N12 Shark Honor from MYY is very nice but the Barracuda is a far more capable throw.

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Not if you’re only getting 20 seconds of spintime. Either that or you need practice with plane control so you’re not burning through your spin too quickly.

I throw gentle 90% of the time because I have two torn rotator cuffs—and I only have two shoulders, so that’s all my rotator cuffs :crazy_face:—and I manage way more than 30 seconds when I need to, with just about any yo-yo.


I second the N12.

This is probably your problem, Throwing heaters doesn’t always equate to more spin time…


I will second that, no matter who you are or what your skill level, there is useful information in this video that can benefit anyone.


I agree with the points above. Technique is the first key to long spin times. Not only getting power into the yo-yo on the throw, but managing plane, avoiding excessive string rub and minimizing hand contact.

A heavier yo-yo can make a difference, but there is only so much interference that it can power through.

Its also possible to design a heavy yo-yo with weight distribution that really doesn’t provide any extra performance benefit, so beware.

Here are some options (note that these are all based on or influenced by bimetals):

Unfortunately, these are out currently out of stock, but might be on BST.

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Ill check this video out

Thanks for the help.