Charles Haycock's loop?


Was just watching a Cabin Tutorial and noticed Chuck loops his string near the base of his ring and middle fingers, on both, very strange. Anyone ever heard him explain that?

0:43 mark in this vid shows it well:

Same in contests:


SO many people have that as the instinctive place they want to put a loop. Ever give a yoyo to someone to try out? They always put it way up there.

Maybe that’s how it felt “right” to him and he never saw the need to move it to the more common knuckle?


While i do find the location slightly interesting, it’s more the fact that he loops it over 2 fingers that i find more compelling. Couldn’t figure out a way to word that better in my original post.

Clearly it works for him, just curious what the story is on how he arrived at that technique, whether he just started that way and never changed, or came to it by trial and error, or an injury necessitated it or something.

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Does he do mobius style tricks in his freestyles?


Oh, must be the late hour and my brain frazzled from my first time taking care of my infant son for more than an hour unassisted (had him from 9am til now; wife is still out; he slept on my chest for a good while!)… I didn’t notice the two finger thing.

Now that IS interesting!


If I can recall, I think Jensen did it in a few videos too. The only reason I can think of is that he would be doing mobius, but I’ve never seen it from him. Well, it’s working at least. If it’s comfortable for him, I see no problem with letting him go ahead. Who knows, maybe we’re all missing out. :smiley:


He had “trigger finger” which is where your fingers are always curled ( I’m not actually sure about what it does) and he had surgery on it so it’s really sensitive so he puts it over both fingers and jensen has the same thing. He explained It a while ago on


Just another quirk thats a bit different is all. Like how Tyler Sev throws with the loop on his pointer, or another player who plays with the loop around his wrist who I can’t recall the name of right now.


Matyas Racek FTW


I remember hearing that Charles and Jensen would do that to help out with the loss of blood circulation.

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I want to try that


Loop around the wrist?

…how bout the guy that loops with the string around his neck? Lolol. Or how about the guy that does 3a; with both strings tied to his elbows. He puts both index fingers in his nose and flaps his arms like a chicken and does a Double Trapeze over his ears? I don’t recall his name either.

Seriously; if you Ever want to ‘never’ get better at yoing; throw with the loop around your wrist.

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I wear my loops like that too. I started after I realized mow much pain my middle finger was in, because at the time I was on my Toxic string hype. I mean I hated the stuff, due to the wrist pain, and finger pain of how hard they hit the end of the string.
After Switching back to kitty I made my loop too big, and instinctively put it on middle and ring.
I never looked back. This lessens the impact of all throws, a well as gives more grip when doing whips, and gives better control due to the extra… Its like is juggling easier with 1 hand or 2 hands? Sorta deal.
It made a world of a difference to me.

And another thing is, if you wanna do Moebius or slippery eel, you can get into it mid trick by just using your thumb to open the loop! I love used this tactic when I bind (whist I’m showing off) in order to do a tape measure effect.
Moebius and tape measure capabilities below!


Doc, This is the guy we were talking about. I present Matyas Racek.

If you pause the vid at about 0:29 and at various other instances throughout the video, it’s shown that he has the loop on his wrist with the string going up the back of his hand, then pinched between his middle and ring finger. He throws like this in contests too.


I find that juggling with one hand is easier.

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That is saying something! 8th place is nothing to be ashamed of.


I remember seeing someone that was throwing with the string around his fore arm. I was trying to to figure out why he was throwing like that.

He had 3 fingers and a short right arm

I found it rather inspiring that he was able to do amazing tricks which I could never do with that holding him back.