Changing Dibolo String

How often should i change strings on a Diabolo? Are there any signs to look for that show its time? And What kind of Diabolo string works the best in your opinion, or does it not matter what kind of Diabolo string it is.

The best Diabolo string imho is Henry’s and a lot of people will back me up on that. I change my string when it just looks ratty and dirty and frayed a lot. Or when it breaks. It is a lot like yoyo string, it is preference when you want to change it.

Side note: Henrys is the best for fixed play, if you are using a bearing, imo string type doesn’t matter.

When it gets grabby. You will figure it out. It’s one of those things you will know when too, or figure it out with just a small amount of practice.
Also diabolo string is not as specilized as yoyo string so you will probably be able to get rolls of it somewhere around your town.
I will also suggest getting some henrys if for no other reason, to figure out what good string feels like.

Others have offered great advice, this being YYE and not a diabolo forum, I would recommend joining the forum. That’s a diabolo forum which has lots of great people willing to help.

Check it out.

Thanks for telling me the website…

Can anyone give me a general time frame thought of how long you play with some string before changing it

depends on how you play. Just play till in breaks, when it will make a differnace you will know. Just play and wait for the knoledge to come. :wink:

Im poor, so i play string until it breaks. Hahaha, it lasts quite a while.