Change String? Change response pads? or is this normal?

Ok… so I’m starting out in this hobby and I’m starting to practice for extended periods (for the first time).

After a relatively short amount of time the yoyo feels (much?) less responsive to binds. I find that replacing the string immediately resolves the issue.

The yoyo (a Shutter) is a month old… so I presume my response pads are not worn out. (right?)

Is it normal to replace strings as often as once a day? (some # of hours of practice/play on them)

Or is the less-responsive feel I’m describing “normal”…
(I’m using polyester strings…)

I have included a picture of my string after just one practice session as it is starting to feel sloppy (pic below left) and a reference pic of a new string (pic below right)

Is this performance normal? Am I changing the string too frequently? Or should I be changing string this frequently? Are my response pads worn out (not likely I’m guessing…)

Thanks in advance for any insight or advise you can provide!

Its normal to change strings once a day if your practicing that much. the photo of your old strings looks pretty worn so its probably good that your changing them that often. Its definatly not the response after only a month

Changing strings more than once a day is totally normal. My roommate used to be a pretty top level competitor, and he would go through 4-5 strings an hour when practicing his freestyle.

Oh wow… I had no idea. I thought strings were supposed to last for weeks and weeks…
Thanks for the guidance!

I usually don’t change my strings until at least 2 weeks, after putting on a new one. There are times when I feel that it is necessary to change, but that’s something that from experience will help you. I’m very conservative of my strings :wink:

I change my string every couple days of yoyoing with it, sometimes once a day if I use it a lot.

It’s understandable to go through multiple a day if you’re practicing nonstop for a freestyle and it’s hot and humid out.

problem solved

With experience you will feel when you need to change the string.

As soon as there’s more Blueprint in stock I’ll try that as well. The reviews look really good…

Great feedback all, thank you very much.