ceramic 10-ball KK


lol,this would probably be such an awsome bearing,why doesnt it exist?


because no matter what, in the search of the meaning of life and joy, one can never achieve the perfect bearing.


I never said it would be perfect,I thought it would just be cool


Probably because Ceramic KKs and 10-balls are made by different companies and they won’t collaborate to make another bearing.

(Shisaki) #5

But if they team up and split the profits wouldn’t they make lots of $$$? People would buy it like wildfire.


lol,I was thinking that too,I wish companies could just agree with things and let other peple use their awsome inventions.

(JonasK) #7

I wouldn’t even buy that bearing. Do you need more than a 10ball?


However, some people do KK there own bearings. Jensen Kimmitt uses KonKave 10balls in his Peaks.


cool,ive always wanted to do that,but I dont really understand how.