Is ceramic KK worth it?


I am gonna be getting my 888 as soon as they ship to YYE, and I was wondering if the Ceramic KK’s were worth twice the price of reg KK’s. If anyone has any experience with the two and can offer some constructive criticism plz post.


They’re great bearings.

However, most people don’t believe that they deliver twice the performance for twice the price. They certainly do last forever, and perform wonderfully, but don’t expect it to be twice as nice as a regular KK. But, if YOU think they’re worth it, buy them and have fun.

IMHO, they are the better choice.

The implication has always been that if they were to drop the price, people would be all over these. Take that as you will.


Yeah, I have finally used one, and they are really good, but for price, I would just get a 10-ball or KK. If price doesnt matter, I highly suggest them.


Nah, I’m not that worried about the price. But at the same time, I don’t wanna waste money that could buy something else like 2 bundles of Poly strings if it’s not really worth it. I have KK bearing’s and I love them.


In that case, then just get a 10-ball. CKK isnt really necessary. I will warn you, it will take time to break in, but when you do, it is soooooo worth it! if you really really really like that groove, just maybe get a grooved bearing, or the CKK, but sfter using a KK, I like my 10-ball more.

(Chris Allen) #6

The first thing I did with my Ceramic KK was dissolve the grease, after that it is great. Zero Maintenenace on these babies. Dry and Loud, but a spin ability that is hard to top.

I also really like 10 ball’s, but if you want a KK, it is worth it for the upgrade.