Ceramic kk or One-drop 10 ball?


I am planning to buy a code 2. I was wondering if the ceramic kk spins better then the 10 ball. ??? ??? ???


The KK will probably spin a TINY bit better. Though the 10-ball will be more smooth


I would stick with the ten ball. The ceramic kk seems too expensive to be worth any change in play it might give.


Trifecta. The reason is obvious. 10 ball, concave, and grooved. What else could you want?


(Jerrod) #5



Standard 10-Ball. Gimmick bearings cause more headaches than need be. Stick with the One Drop or General-Yo’s AIGR bearing.


If you don’t mind the cost, The ceramic KK’s are the absolute best bearing I could imagine using.
I held my nose and bought a few and find that I move them in to whatever YoYo I’m currently throwing.
The 10 balls are smooth, but I’m always having to clean them for whatever reason.

The Trifecta is also a good bearing, but for me, there is something about the way a ceramic bearing feels that I can not duplicate with a steel bearing.

Just Sayin…


Only way to find out is to buy what you’re interested in and try it out. The idea here is to find your “Magic combination” of yoyo and bearing that goes best with your style of play.

If were talking “spin on a flick from a package fresh bearing”, I’ve found regular KK’s will spin on average 5 seconds long than a 10 Ball. That would equate to longer yoyo spin time. But, if you’re looking at the KK to help with a bad throw, nothing will help you there except a better throw.

Buy and try.


thanks guys