Are ceramic kks still the gold standard?

So back when I started the ceramic kk was the best around. I was looking around and saw the yyf gold center track. It got me thinking. Now I love the kk. When center tracks first came out I considered them one mm away from patent infringement and paid them no attention. Now I’m seeing twisted trifectas and all sorts of stuff. So is there a consensus on what an old guy that kks everything should be doing?

P.s. I don’t like flat bearings

Yeah… pretty much. They aren’t as popular as they used to be though. Center Tracs are also widely used now. And Twisted Trifectas seem to be all the rage but I don’t buy into all that hype stuff.

I think those that have been around awhile, which would include you and me still see it that way. Alot of the newer members are all hyping up that boutique bearing junk.

Bearings are bearings to me. But I would say KK’s and CT’s are the best out there if you’re looking to “upgrade.”

EDIT: Alright, I forgot to mention buddha bearings. Those things are pretty freaking awesome. They’re gaining quite a bit of popularity recently.

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I have a few center tracks. Nothing to write home about but I don’t hate em. I’ve heard about those buddahs. They’re flat though right? I also think I’ve read somewhere about a 10 ball kk. Did frank do something with one drop? That would be rad. Boy, I take a year off from the forums…

They have variants… There is a flat one, one like a center track and one that looks like a V.

I like a lot of bearings. I don’t really care what the “gold standard” is.

If I like how a certain bearing performs in a yoyo, then I’m happy. If not, then I need something else in there.

Everyone should find out either:
1: What they like best. Some people standardize on a single type of bearing.
2: What bearing they feel works best for them in a particular yoyo, provided of course, they feel the need to change bearings up.

Most of the time, stock bearings are just fine. If you’re happy with what’s in there, why change it?

My basic opinion is still one drop for ninja silent, and terrapin for performance.