CentroYo BST Collection:FS/FT Onedrop. CLYW. GenYo. YYF

Goes from left to right.

black=easier to get, blue=harder to get, red=hardest to get

Onedrop Markmont Next: Semi-Electropolished, near mint, tiny scrathes here and there, some tarnish of course.

Onedrop Cascade: Mint, half blue/green, Brass ultralights, smooth.

YYF Supernova: Mint, 7075, zero vibe.

CLYW BvM2: Small hard to see dings in the catch zone, dead smooth. offer CLYW only.

YYF DNA: Mint, smoothest yyf I’ve ever played.

CLYW Canvas: Trapper edition, One mm by half mm ding (hard to notice),zero vibe, bewilderingly smooth. offer CLYW only

Onedrop Burnside: Pirates Cove ed.: Small flat spot & scratch, very smooth.

General Yo KLR: It says B grade but it has zero vibe and the only ano flaw I see is extremely small. Besides this, there is a tiny tiny scratch on the edge of the rim.


How much for the cascade or burnside.