Randysavage's BST

I am looking to trade these for only Onedrop throws or a Super G or these few CLYW’s in good condition now dings on the rims please.
Onedrop Cascade
Onedrop Yfactor
Onedrop Dang
Onedrop Code 2
Onedrop 54
Onedrop Markmont Next or a Wooly Markmont
Onedrop Burnside
CLYW Gnarwhal
CLYW Sasquatch
CLWY Cheif
I prefer nickel plated, if not black. Still if you are interested let me know what color you have.
This is more of a trade than a sell but if you want to offer money let me know ill decide on if I want it but primarily I want to trade.

Left to Right
Dif-e-yo Rev 1 Overhaul - Condition - mint with box
Yoyofactory Supernova 2011 - GONE!!
Yoyofactory Wavelength Superstar - Condition - Ano is wearing out were you thumbgrind minor anochip
Yoyofactory Avant Garde - Condition - Mint with box
Yoyofactory MVP2 - Condition - small pinprick in the middle will photo if needed
Yoyofactory Superwide - Condition - Mint with box

The toss-ins to make things even
Left to Right
Yoyofactory 808 loop 2x - Condition - One is mint other has a small scuff
C3yoyo Token - Condition - mint with box but that did not survive well in the mail lol
Yoyofactory Popstar - Condition - Scratch on rim, minor but visible touched the ground once :frowning:
Yoyofactory Counter Attack - Condition - Mint
Yoyofactory Speed Dial 2x - Condition - One is for sure B grade the other might be but

Thanks for taking a look

Supernova is gone

Yo, how much for the token. I you would like i could trade for a phenomizm, its blue and used but geed condition.