CLYW, YYF, & more (prices added, but still accepting offers.)

Clyw x onedrop Mint in box . BLUE SUMMIT- gone

CLYW zip zap AC2- scratches on anno, but still a super smooth and nice player. 50 shipped

base camp moonshine- brand new, $40 shipped

Shutter- dings scratches but still a smooth player no pads $20 shipped to +$14

Clyw puffin, gold. Original puffin, not puffin 2. Some small scratches but plays smooth and nicely. $50

Clyw avalanche- camo edition. Was a pretty rare colorway, that is by no means in good condition. Scatches ALL over was used for 3a, however still plays Super smooth- 40

YYF prImo- almost mint (tiny pin prick) - 20

YYF G5- rainbow stax one pinprick, very near mint practically new. 30

Chico Yoyo co. Heavy hitter w/ satented rims -very near mint, small pin prick. $35

YYF super g mutant edition- a couple pretty decent dings on side, but as always still a
Smooth playa. $30

YYF severe blue wavelength edition $40 plays like a beauty such a cool colorway

Feel free to offer on anything, bundles are welcome.

You got something mixed up there. I dont remember which one was $160 but that orca is mine and I am super excited about it. I cant wait til the mail lady shows up with it. Thanks again.

is “markmont next obsidian”  coverage to nickel was oxidized with some acid … it has been sped up the natural process … (