center tracks cause vibe?

My rec rev I is dead smooth with the stock bearing but when I put
My center track in it there is a a very very noticable vibe. I have two center tracks and they
Both do this.
Is this normal? Thanks

I have only ever had one centertrack and it has only been in one yoyo so I wouldn’t personaly know but If YYF puts it in their products than I doubt that it would seriously affect play.

Oh no they don’t affect play at all, just cause a very noticable vibe
I guess I just got two bad bearings. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, they do have a pulse to them. My yoyo isn’t really dead smooth so I didn’t notice as much, but yes. I rather like it… Vibe isn’t bad if it’s the right amount.

The same thing happened with my BOSS.

All the yoyos I have with a Center Trac don’t cause vibe. Only really on my Die-Nasty, but Die-Nasty’s always have a little noticeable vibe.

This will happen with any bearing. Some will work better than others. Some have tighter tolerances than
others. I’ve seen it going from a dead smooth C-track to a stock flat bearing and visa versa. It’s all about tolerances.


The vibe you’re experiencing is caused by the fact that Center Trac bearings generally sit a little bit looser on the bearing seat than other bearings. As an example, I’m sure alot of you have heard how the stock bearings on the YYF Boss can be extremely difficult to remove. My Center Trac slides easily off the seat with little resistance. It won’t usually be this extreme, but in my experience, the trend seems to lean toward a looser fit, which can easily lend itself to more vibration.

you could try a little tape or something to tighten the center of the bearing on the bearing seat if it’s from it being loose on the bearing seat, but in my opinion i like a little bit of vibe. i cant feel when the yoyo is loosing spin when they are dead smooth. sometimes you cant even tell of they are spinning at all! but there is a line between a comfortable, defining and helpful vibe, and an annoying messing with your game vibe.

i dont know, if it is loose on the bearing seat, you could try wrapping a couple layers of teflon or electrical tape on the inner seat of the bearing, maybe by tightening that up it could reduce the vibration. i would use teflon tape if you can get a layer on that inside post, because it doesnt have adhesive. tapes with adhesive could sweat that adhesive into your bearing and cause even more vibe or gum up the works. if it really isnt affecting the play so much, i’d just leave it alone personally. my preference personally is flat bearings, so if it were me in your shoes there wouldnt be a problem at all.

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