Center track bearing locked up

My new center track bearing locked up after one day of play, one day! how can I fix this should I contact yoyo factory ???:frowning:

Clean your bearing. Try it. If it works, try lubing it correctly by putting a drop of lube on a needle or pin tip, then apply the lube on the needle onto the bearing.

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if it’s truly locked up don’t clean it. contact yyf and let them know what’s going on. they may just send you a new one. If it spins but not very good then trying skeletons method is a good idea.

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I emailed yoyo factory but they have not replied. They dis the same thing to all of my emails since I complained about a string coming stuck in the bearing.

They said that they do not ship whit the string attached and that I did it.

Since the bearing had a problem after one day, you should contact the store you purchased it from immediately. All YYF retailers honor the YYF 14-day return policy and thus they will work with you on a solution.

Well it’s true. They don’t come with a string attached.

but my protostar did, but there was a loose elastic in the box

AHA! So it could mean only one thing! That the yoyo that the seller sold you for new, was NOT new!
It was used and repacked, perhaps only to make it try to someone IDK.

Take the yoyo immediatly back to the seller and pretend a new one!