Center Trac Bearing

Is this bearing any good? Is it better than the 10- ball?

Well, I like the 10 ball a lot. It is nice smooth and quiet. I highly recommend it. Also check out the SPEC and the KK.

Of course its good. All bearings are good, and are better than you need them to be.

No, its not better than the 10ball. Yes, it is better than the 10ball.


I haven’t tried one, but I can tell you no bearing will be better than the other. It depends on what you like in a bearing.

I think I’d personally like the 10-Ball more, but I haven’t really tried one, so I can’t judge.

I have the center track bearing that i got with my Counter Attack and Just ordered the NEW BREED, which has the regular yyj bearing but I ordered another center track bearing for that, so ill be able to switch the two bearings, and This will be the first time i am trying the 100% poly … so cant wait for this order to come in … 8)

I like the center track, (I have a ceramic kk on the way, it will be nice to compare them). The things about these types of bearings is that they kind of take a teeeeeny tiny little bit of skill out of the game. They give you a little bit of a straighter throw (but if your throw is bad before you get one of these bearings, chances are it ain’t gonna be that great when you get it). They also kind of give you a “shortcut” in skill. Throwing a yoyo with a regular bearing (when you compare it to throwing one with a KK or center track) is like learning to hit a baseball better by practicing with a broomstick and a golfball. It might be harder at first, but it will help you in the long run.

Do you like the KK, or have you tried it? I thought the center track would mess up tricks like gyro flop, where you have to have the string on either ends of the gap, but it actually kind of helped it. I guess it gives it a little more leverage or something. I love the center track, if yoyonation hadn’t screwed up my order and sent me a ceramic KK in place of my original order (string and kpads) then I would probably be picking up two or three of these center tracks.

A ten-ball would most probably have a longer flick spin time.