Catalyst Vibe Help?


So I received a Catalyst in a trade that was advertised as dead smooth. It turned out to have probably the worst vibe I have ever experienced. You can feel it while sleeping, but it’s almost a nightmare as soon as you mount it onto the string. The original owner claims that the Catalyst was dead smooth when he had it. So do you know of anything that could’ve caused the vibe? I changed bearings before playing, could that’ve done it?

(YoYoStringLab) #2

Was it mailed in a padded envelope instead of a box?


Absolutley. There are three things that can cause vibe-

Dirty Bearing
Crappy Bearing
Bad weight placement

The bearing is either a cheapo, or it needs lube.


Possibly. I’m not sure.


Try switching out the bearing or cleaning it with the paper cleaning method. Or the regular acetone or mineral spirit wash. Some yoyos are fussy when it comes to bearings.


I swapped out the bearing and nothing happened.


My guess is damage while mailing. Did the package have any insurance? Was the yoyo packaged well?


It didn’t have insurance. The yoyo was in the envelope along with string. It was fully assembled.


Was there room for it to be bashed about?

btw, it’s totally possible this guy lied to you.


Well it was a smallish envelope, but probably. And I’m considering that possibility (about the lying)

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Envelopes are not adequate for mailing yoyos. Packages and envelopes are handled by high speed machines and packages have other heavy packages dumped on them. Yoyos really need a box to reduce the chances of damage.


So you thing it got vibes in the mail?


Leave him negative feedback and call it a day. Even if it as dead smooth when it left him, It’s his responsibility to make sure it is packaged in such a way that it will be safe.


Message him about it first and request a trade back, as it was his terrible shipping that cause the Catalyst to be ruined. If he doesn’t, give him negative feedback and label him as a scammer.

Please, people, please. Ship a yoyo in a box that is padded with paper AT LEAST, and disassemble the yoyo as much as you can. NEVER ship a yoyo assembled.

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I don’t mind it assembled if there is enough padding and a bigger box, but if you are going to ship disassembled, then make 100% sure the individual parts are fully wrapped and padded from eachother. Don’t want scratches etc. from all the bouncing around packages go through.