Catalist trouble

Hey my YYF catalist has always been one of my smoothest yoyos, but now it suddenly got a lot of vibe. Does anyone know what could be up with it

Try cleaning the bearing, is it making a loud noise also?

No just a lot of vibe

Yoyos typically don’t just fail. Any impact, or damage? Was it in a pocket and sat on?

If you want specific help email

You sure it’s not your throw?

Could be throw, junk in bearing, and possibly string tension interfering from a clean throw. I had my Dark Magic giving me bad throws yesterday as my string was becoming tighter and tighter. After loosening it back up some, it was smooth as glass once again. Atleast this is from my experience.

Did you try the ‘finger test’? Basically, just throw a sleeper and lightly touch the yoyo as it’s spinning (probably with your nail) and see if the wobbles/vibes smooth out. If the do, it’s the throw.

Had this exact same thing happen. The inside threading on half of the yoyo had stripped, and the axle wasn’t fitting in perfectly. I emailed yoyofactory and they sent me a half for free. Now it plays perfectly smooth again.