Cascade vs. Summit vs. Code 2

I like chill play but something that has the capability of being pushed fast. I like doing tricks with hops like spirit bomb and kamikaze and stuff that looks smooth and fluid. If that helps… ;D

Of the three, I own only the summit. It plays great. It is wide so it is good for hoppy tricks. It can be pushed fast, and it can go slow and smooth…

The cascade would also be a good chill throw but I recommend the summit

does the summit come with side effects installed?

yes all side effect yoyos come with side effects installed.

ultra lights right? Ive only played a cascade so how does spin times compare to the cascade?

I personally would say Summit followed by Code 2. The Cascade felt really light.

ok so now its between the cascade and summit. I really can’t go wrong with either so…Final Decision Time!

Hey… SUMMIT! Because… The summit is a mix of the clyw avalanche (amazing yoyo) and a cascade. So they took the good things out of both of those yoyos and the summit was born!
SUMMIT :smiley: SUMMIT :smiley: SUMMIT

Yep…there is your answer

Summit. Cascade can be pushed, but Summit can be pushed harder. :wink:

I own all 3.


Code 2


In that order.

The Cascade’s isn’t as stable, but I thought (even though I’ve only used the cascade) that it could handle anything. It felt hoppy