Cascade or Valor

Which is better in general

1 is organic and mid-walled, the other, angled and low-walled. At this point in time, I feel that the valor has the edge in terms of modern play, but if you can go to a club of meeting, try both out because some people prefer a mid wall and its feel in hand and on the string.

which is better for flowing tricks with mid-high speed (e.x. Gentry Stein’s Style)

For gentry’s style definitely the Valor, I have one and it is astoundingly good. Get it

The cascade is stable, but not as stable as the valor. Gentry’s style is very hoppyand if you don’t hit hops clean, it can tilt your yoyo. By having a V shaped catch zone and a good amount of rim weight, the valor plays faster than the cascade which feels very chilled out.

Valor, but it will be hard to get it nowaday. I personally hunting for valor too but all yoyo stores got no stock

Valor is the way to go for “modern” play. I really like the way the cascade plays though, like a yoyo shaped cloud. ;D