Cascade or albatross

These are totally different yoyos and I’m getting one for my birthday. I can’t decide which one is better


It has nothing to do with which one is better, they both are going to be great.

It has everything to do with which shape or color you like best? If you want side effects or not. etc.

What kind of yoyo are you looking for? These things are polar opposites haha

im not really picky. I’m asking about play, how does the shape feel, etc.

Cascade, think this walls, VERY nice float and very fun to play, not a huge competition yoyo persay, but hey, id use it bc of how fun it is!
The wide shape makes string tricks easier. and the SEs, id totally reccomend UL and Brass UL or stock domes

Albatross, i found it to be more solid with a floaty presence. very strong throw, and i tthink benefits for a shaped/curved bearing rather than stock.
more competition feeling, less fun, but still fun!