traded a chief for Gnarwhal 2 and it’s not coming

3 possible situations:

  1. Shipped, still taking time

  2. Didn’t ship

  3. Didn’t get my chief, so pretended to ship

This Friday is 4th week

From Alabama to Burnaby, BC

I would have asked for tracking immediately.

I did, and no replies for messages from him
Or the Gnarwhal 2 might have got lost

he said ^

more proof

It didn’t come and I wish I could get my chief back
I posted a negative feedback because cariboucrunch disappeared from the forums and isn’t responding to my pm’s. If he did this intentionally, I hope he give back my throw I got for my Christmas present from my mom with the money I have collected for months and months. It apparently shipped on February but didn’t come. Caribou crunch disappeared from the forums and I have no hope of getting my chief back.

You traded away a present from your mother? :stuck_out_tongue:

It isn’t looking good at this point. He hasn’t been on here since early March, and given the fact that he only had 5 posts and 1 feedback (before yours, and only as a buyer), it’s not like he’s the kind of member who could be vouched for. It looks like your Chief is long gone.

Sorry to hear about this man, it always is a real shame when things like this happen. My condolences. :frowning:


Should we recommend a grief counselor?

We should get one for me to. Reading this story makes me feel sad.

I am wondering why would you giveaway a gift from your mother?

Mom just ordered it but technically I got It for myself
If you guys want to help you can donate stuff like bearings or $$$

You can normally look up a phone number by searching the address and give it a call. Most of the time it’s generally a kid that stole it and after speaking with the parents the issue will get resolved. Other option is to mail a letter addressed to the parents.


No offense but you are not the first one this has happened to. And it’s bad taste to request money and bearings from forum members, especially since you are assumably well off enough to have a CLYW.

Take it as it is and receive a lesson from it. Be more careful next time. It happened to me when I first was a member of this forum, and I’ve made sure it never happened again.

owning a chief doesnt make one well off. he said he saved up; this is beside the point, though.

try to talk to the mods-- theres not much we can do.

It was a joke ;D