Problems with Kristoph10

Hello, on September 20 Kristoph10 contacted me about trading my Recrev @ and $3 for shipping for his genesis. I shipped on September 24th you can view the package here.
He told me he would try and ship on the 27th. that was the last time I heard from him, the same Day he said he would ship he got negative feedback from forum member aironish. I asked him if he shipped and he has yet to reply.

If anyone can do anything it will be most appreciated.

I’ve been having trouble with him too. I shipped out to kristoph10 on sept 18. He was supposed to ship on the 23rd but never did. He then told me he would ship on the 24th, but didn’t. I haven’t been able to contact him since. I’m beginning to think somethings up.

If he has lower/negative feedback why didn’t you make him ship first?

I just sent him a message asking him to address these issues. If anyone else has had any trade problems, please post details here.

@yobro - can you also post a tracking number for the package you sent if you have it?

I sent kristoph10 (Kristopher Shamp) an fg avalanche, vsnyyc battosai, and $6 for an x cube stampede and a kendama. The usps tracking number for the package I sent is 9114901159815336182265 . At the time I shipped there was no negative feedback on his profile.

Yeah same, had all positve at the time, just the other day I saw the new negative FB.

I’ve talked to Kristoph and the people he owes stuff too. They should be getting there stuff soon.

Thanks Trevor :slight_smile:
Also thank you Jason for being a great moderator

Does anyone have any updates? There’s been plenty of time since this thread was created for him to ship or respond in some way here. If I don’t hear back from some of you that he has shipped, I’ll be banning him tonight.

Trevor has let me know in past pm that he will ship the yoyos personally if kristoph10 does not.

Thanks modman10. If and when people actually get their stuff back, we can discuss unbanning him.

So I didn’t want to start a new thread for this guy so I’ll post here. Back in early September, can’t remeber the exact dates anymore, I made a deal with this kristoph10 guy. I would give him my beat og spyder for a g-funk and a protostar. I was super excited because I really wanted a protostar at the time. He also didn’t have any bad rep at its time. I sent him the package first, he told me he received it and that he would ship soon. To this day, he has not responded to my many messages so I just assumed he scammed me. I was completly devastated for a good while and didn’t want to be inclined with this community. I now am becoming more of a part of this community and thought I’d share this with everyone. I really regret ever selling and shipping my yoyo to this guy, but there is nothing I can do now.