Caribou Lodge YoYo Works "Fool's Gold" Peak - YoYos Element Review

Caribou Loge YoYo Works!

In my opinion, Caribou Lodge is an underrated company that people think are overrated. I thought the same, really. I thought all Caribou Loge YoYo Works yoyos were overrated, and just looked cool, and do I regret saying that. Yeah, the splash on some yoyos is cool and all, but the play is even better. Caribou lodge, and all other companies, are of course, not perfect, and mess up while making yoyos sometimes. So they sell yoyos with small defects for a cheaper price, great for people who won’t mind a little defect for a cheaper price.

First Thoughts (before the throw) :

When I saw this, it looked just amazing. I honestly do not like the splash, it seems to be getting a bit old. But if you like the look of splash anodising, this is a great yoyo for you. But due to my dislike of splashes, I got a pink/purple fade, like the first Marmots to hit YoYoNation. The shape looked very unique, like a round shape but with flat rims. Looked just like a great yoyo.

First Throw:

The very first throw wasn’t good, it was way responsive, and couldn’t sleep for too long. That was of course the first throw. This particular “Fool’s Gold” had a vibe, but it wasn’t very noticable.


The unique shape is just awsome, really nice in the hand, and gives it long spin after broken in. If you want to try a new unique shape, this yoyo would be a good choice for you. The shape isn’t that unique, but it’s not something you see every day. The beadblast is very comfortable, but not the softest I have felt.

On a Throw:
First throw wasn’t too good, but once broken in, it is just amazing. This yoyo plays like nothing else in the world, The only problem with this I could find is well…the vibe, which is hardly noticable. Its shape gives good wheight distibution, I like the way the shape is spread throughout the yoyo. It is heavier towards the rims, but not too heavy, I think that is what I like. If you feel you would like this, try this yoyo.


Nice beadblast!
Good, comfortable shape.
Overall an awsome grinder!

Good lip for Thumb Grinds as well.

Just a great yoyo, buy it if if you have the chance.
Perfect play in my opinion, unique shape, overall an awsome yoyo.

Wow - very creative with your pictures in the video.

Good job not using the Forum Rating System.

I don’t exactly think they are an underrated company, I just think they don’t have very many Yo-Yos out there to be known yet.

Like a new company, nobody expects them to be the most popular when they first come out. Like K2J.

Lots of people think Peaks and BvMs are overrated. But because people think they are overrated, no one really know how they play. They’re amazing.

Just a question; have you tried any CLYW?

If you haven’t, that might be why you think they’re not underrated.


The Zombie Beaver vs. Shark or something like that.

But if so, I’d go against that opinion, even if it was mine.

They are great, but they could be both between play and popularity. :wink:

Well, I thought they were overrated also.

But after trying the Peak my opinion on CLYWs just changed.

Because people think they are overrated, they think they aren’t good throws, so they don’t bother to try them.

That is why I think they are underrated.

But that is of course, my opinion, and opinions vary.

I’ve never seen a point so good in my life.


Seriously, good point. I mean it.

I think they changed, too. I remember when they just came out with BvM… :slight_smile: