caribou lodge fools gold peak


hey guys i just wanted to ask about the fools gold peak. i know it is pretty much a gold nugget peak, yet with flaws. those flaws, do they make it really worth 75 bucks, or less or more. and also what are the flaws that can be present? thanx :smiley:


They make it too good for $75, buy it.


k thanx gm user

(Frank W.) #4

The fools gold line from clyw can have wobble or ano problems, or even both. So if your willing to take a gamble with it go for it. But here is the site for more info's-Gold-/

(Yo!It'sMatt) #5

I heard that the defects aren’t that bad.
Just some anno mess ups.

(Mark) #6

I think it varies. I have heard the vibe on them is not as bad as the YYJ vibe and the Anno holes aren’t bad enough to make it count. It’s well worth it in my opinion.

(SR) #7

The Fools Gold Peak is a very good choice. You will be happy with it.


Some have slight vibe, on the few I’ve tried, it really isn’t noticeable. Grab one of those Alex Fools Golds while you can!